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Applying for School for Fall of 2010--waste of money?

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    snagito is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2007

    If your son is 2006 born, he'll go to P1 at ESF in August 2011. If I were you I would just find a nice kindergarten that will take him for a year - how about Small World on Borrett Road? And then he can go to ESF Sept 2011 - will have as good a chance as anyone else at that point.. (you need to apply this September though). That's what I'd do and avoid any stress with the international schools unless you're very keen on any of them in particular in which case call and find out what their position is for Reception 2010. Good Luck settling in. PS: Ask ESF Hillside for an afternoon session - they might have space!

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    lottieclee is offline Registered User
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    There are quite a few people like me who are too lazy to write to give up our places for the kindergarten. I just gave up our place at Woodland Caines and Anfield. I know I am not the only one, especially those who are still deciding which school to go to this Fall.

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    penguinsix is offline Registered User
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    Just an update,

    We found a spot at Woodlands Peak Pre-school, with both an English morning session and a Mandarin afternoon session. The English session will not be available come Fall, technically, but will likely open up soon.

    We also just got word from ESF Hillside that there is a space in the K2 section in the afternoons at that school starting this Fall. Going to visit tomorrow to see what's what.

    I didn't apply to the other schools on our list (Singapore, Canadian, German/Swiss, etc) for this Fall, figuring I a) had another option and b) was pretty late in the game, but will start the 2011-12 application process shortly.

    I haven't got my head around what I should do come this Fall. Pull him out of the Woodlands (where he will be all Summer) and start at ESF, only to start at another school a year later, or just give him some stability until Fall 2011 and keep him at the Woodlands. Decisions...

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