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Hiring PT Vs FT Helper

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    Hiring PT Vs FT Helper

    We have two toddlers at home, which is too small to give a live in her own room, which is making us debate over which way to go.

    A live out is most likely the case.

    Being new to HK, we're not sure which way to turn to, so any suggestions is welcomed.

    Our main concern is the safety and well being of our kids while we're at work. Also, finding someone who likes kids and can handle the demands of watching them while getting the house work done.

    The helper will also need to take the kids from one school and take a bus to another, while giving them their lunch in between (they can eat at one of the schools before class starts, but the helper must be there).

    I'm also the parent that's not confident with strangers taking care of the kids unattended, so if anyone can tell me ways to get over that hurdle that would be very helpful.


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    It is possible to find live out helpers, there are dorms and lodging houses they can stay in. Legally I am not sure how it works but I know people do it. Of course you do have to pay for the cost of their lodging. With 2 toddlers and it sounds like two working parents then you probably need full time help.

    As for getting used to leaving the kids with them - start slow. Leave the kids and say you're going out for a couple of hours, but come back after 20 minutes and see how things are going. Work out what methods of communication you would like. Do you want updates during the day? Most helpers I know are comfortable with sending texts throughout the day with how everything is going.

    Personal recommendations are best for finding helpers. Start asking everyone and everyone you know, people in your building, everyone you meet. There are agencies out there as well but I don't know any of them personally. I myself got lucky and found our helper through one of the listing services - I think it was either asiaxpat or amahnet - and got lucky and found someone I clicked with. After you interview enough people you get a sense of who you are comfortable having in your house and watching your children. Good luck.

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