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BF and dental work

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    BF and dental work

    Hi. I have a partially erupted wisdom tooth which has never given me any problems (I'm 36yo) until yesterday. The surrounding gum area is swollen (maybe infected) so I suspect I will need to have it extracted.

    Has anyone had a wisdom tooth extracted before. Do they use local or general anesthetic? What about pain medications? How long does the procedure take?

    On another note, I'm currently breastfeeding my baby who is nearly 6mths. Will the injections/meds have any effect on my breastmilk?


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    I had my wisdom teeth extracted a couple of years ago at HK Sanitorium Hospital. They use a local anaesthetic and give you lots of pain medication. I think the whole procedure took about 1/2 hr to extract 2 teeth. My teeth were well imbedded so I was told!
    The pain afterwards when the medication starts to wear off is horrible, so ask them to give you extra!

    The pain medication is strong so I would ask your Dr (not dentist) about the possible effects on breastfeeding.

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