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suggestions baby activities that don't cost $?

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    hkmom1 is offline Registered User
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    causeway bay

    suggestions baby activities that don't cost $?


    My son has started to crawl and now gets quite bored at home and wants to be able to crawl around and explore more. We take him to some baby gym which he loves but they can get quite costly. Unfortunately we don't have a big playroom in our building, nor do we have a big space to play in at home. Any suggestions for padded/clean playroom/gym type places that are low cost which he can go to daily?


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    Aava.Wong is offline Registered User
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    you can take him to the playtown (weekdays and happy hours are cheap) or the play-area of your local library (FREE)!!

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    The HK Leisure and Cultural Services has quite a few soft playrooms that are free. Check out locations on the web site Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Children's Play Rooms

    They are basic but there are usually other kids there and despite what it says about age groups if you go during school hours, especially in the mornings there will be toddlers and babies -perfect for what you are after

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    Stanley playroom is free too and very clean. It closes down ten minutes before each hour and gets sanitized. Afterwards you can have lunch along the waterfront or go to the beach....

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    Just to add to what TNT said, the playroom on Sing Wo Road in Happy Valley (4/f in the building where the market is) is very popular. There's a room for younger children with big padded foam shapes and a space for older kids to run around. It closes down daily for cleaning as well.

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Yes, this is one of the problems in HK... I am still wondering where to take my son every week for a low cost.
    Gymboree in Central mid-levels, and also the new one in TST (humphreys rd) have open play sessions for $50. Or you can buy their lifetime international membership for $300 and use it for free. It`s 45 min each day - the central one`s time schedules vary each day, and seem to be pretty popular and so you have to book that day, but the TST one was virtually empty and don`t need to book - it`s at 3.30 every day except for Tues when it`s at 1.30.

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    How about singing in the car?

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