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K3 with social network accounts..

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    My son really enjoys his "computer" time and it is something that he and his dad enjoy doing together but it in no way takes from his enjoyment of going outside to play. Given the choice he would be playing tennis and football any day. That being said, we wanted for him to be as confident with the computer from a very early age and he is better than me on it now!
    He has never had a new computer, he uses the one we have at home. He is far too young to have his own. Where the computer is situated in the home means we can monitor his use at all times.

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    glad to hear it... anyway, it doesn't really matter. we each do what we think is best for our kids. just as some parents strictly regulate tv (which i don't) doesn't make either of us wrong, just different.

    for me, i would rather keep him away from the technological stuff a while longer. just as i've never bought any kind of toy gun for my kids.... it's not that i think i can keep them away from it forever, but i'm in no rush to get them into it.

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