Hello folks,
I have a question and I think I know the answer but I wanted to check.
We are leaving Hong Kong in August. The guy who is replacing my husband at his job is planning to hire our helper - which is great for everyone. However, the new guy (and his family) do not arrive until about 3 weeks after we leave. As far as we can tell, he cannot start processing the new visa for the helper until he actually gets here (he needs proof of his address and income and the company will not actually give him that paperwork until he is physically here.)

My helper would really rather not go home, she would prefer to stay here and start working for the new guy right away, and of course the new guy (who has 2 small children) would rather have someone here right away as well.

Has anyone heard of HK gov't extending the 2 week grace period and allowing a helper to stay, if, for example, the helper has a signed contract and perhaps a letter from the employer stating that he needs the helper right away or something?

I know the system is designed to send helpers home in between employers. But then I also hear about people getting "extensions" on the 2 week period.

As a side note, we had planned on paying her for the entire month of August regardless (we leave early in the month) so perhaps she can be considered to still be on our payroll through August until the new guy gets here?

Anyone have experience with this?