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active toddler on a plane

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    Bumps Guest

    I HAVE taken a few bells with me before. They are the small ones that you can get at the stationery stores and they hardly make any noise at all. They are beautiful bright colours - take one or two. Good for a few things - putting inside cups to scoop out with a spoon, hiding under cups to guess where it is... ect. If you want my list of other ideas you can PM me! Cheers!

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008

    i flew with my 18 month yr old son from nyc - hk. he was extremely active. i would never bring anything on airplane that makes noise or with small parts that i could potentially lose or have to pick up every 5 mins. i personally would not want to hear a kid the entire flight etc...

    my suggestions are (some mentioned above too!):
    - dvd player - start getting her used to it now it will save you!
    - iTouch w/games that she's already familiar with and can play
    - 2 of her favorite books, 1 new one
    - stickers
    - coloring books
    - lots of snacks

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    RAR is offline Registered User
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    May 2010

    Next week I fly solo with my active 11 month old son from Australia to HK, our first time in a plane. These tips have been great, these are some extra suggestions given to me so far
    - stickers (good source tells me they can be removed with baby wipes)
    - have small inexpensive new toys wrapped in catalogues, so each time you need another distraction, you can pull a 'new present' out of your bag, and then they can read the toy catalogues, as well.

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    carey is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008

    This is a very good thread. I've gather also some wrap toys for our trip at the end of this month. I am thinking to add pipe cleaner and bubble wrap to my trick bag.

    Do you know where I can get them in hongkong? Thank you.

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    Portia is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    You can get pipe cleaners at Bookazine and I've also seen them in the little toy stores in Wanchai market.

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    louisouis is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    i agree, stickers were a life-saver, post it notes work too if you do not have any stickers with you, you can play a silly game and paste it on different parts of your body.

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    NNN is offline Registered User
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    HK Island

    I've just downloaded several episodes of Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine onto my ipod for my son to watch during our flights to the UK next week. I've also relented and bought a magazine with free stickers and a gift on the front.

    Stickers, small character toys, and crayons were a hit during the last flight. Richard Scarry's "A Day at the Airport" book went down a storm, I think it cost $40 in Dymocks. It's a very lightweight book with lots of detail to point out and discuss.

    A few days before we flew we took him to the airport with the book and a Fisher Price plane, and walked around the terminals and visited the Air Experience area. We were concerned that he would be alarmed at the airport, but we need not have worried as he's very nosey and enjoyed all of the sights.

    The only time he had an absolute meltdown was when his precious blankie fell behind the seat. Mach III level screaming - hoorah!

    Good luck

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    m2cw2mhk is offline Registered User
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    WanChai, HK

    any recommendations for Itouch apps for the toddler set? I was going to download a few for my 5 year old...did not realize a 17 month old can play games too!

    I found pipe cleaners at the local stationery store. stickers I get in the Wan Chai market. Not sure my toddler has the dexterity to peel them off the page, guess I have to hand them to her?

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