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Any experience with chinese medium??

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    thanks, that further reinforces that i would feel so much better if we had a helper and especially when baby starts school!

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    we couldn't get by without our helper right now. we actually now have her husband working for us, too. but he helps my husband more and their duties are totally different.

    i work so much that i cannot do it all myself. it is impossible. i know, i tried last year for a month when she was in PH. i ended up having to cancel classes for that month as i couldn't take my daughter to school without having my helper at home to care for her. there is no way my girl could have lasted from 9-4 at my school without having a meltdown or two, and that is not fair for other parents who bring their children so i can play with THEM....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gataloca View Post
    I think if you really want your kid to learn Chinese, in addition to putting him/her in a Chinese medium school, you have to really encourage him/her to use it. For example, instead of watching English program, encourage him/her to watch local Cantonese programs.... Take you kids out, and let him/her play with local kids, etc...
    I totally agree this is the way to learn the local language. Mix in with the locals, most speak some English and are helpful.

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    Thanks Flobash! Please keep me updated :)
    I'm still not sure. I guess we have a lot of time. He's only 10 months old now. I also am worried about not being able to help with homework and not being able to be a part of his education. I'm starting to wonder if in the long run it would be more beneficial for him to learn at an english school because most of the universities seem to teach in English anyway. There would be no back up of cantonese at home. Neither of us speak it. Want to learn it but I need to be realistic... We don't have a helper. I'm wondering if it's going to be too stressful for him if we hire a tutor. I'm not a big fan of kids not being allowed to be kids and doing too much study from a young age. Arrghh! So much to consider! I appreciate everyone's opinions.

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