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Thanks everyone! We've called around and most places are full. I think we prefer the Kiangsu Chekiang local stream, because it seems to use the most Mandarin, and we put our son on the waiting list. There's also a Tutor Time near there in Braemar Hill with space, so perhaps we will move somewhere in that area and send him there if nothing opens up at KCS.

Does that make sense? Any other Mandarin alternatives?

Someone mentioned Woodlands -- do you know how much they use Mandarin?
Are you going to be in Hong Kong a long time? If the answer is yes, then consider Cantonese kindergarten.

We are non chinese family (both parents english speaking) and we put our 3 kids thru Cantonese kindergarten, followed by Kiangsu primary and slowly transitioning to English secondary school. Your kids will come out trilingual and will be able to join almost any activity in Hong Kong. You will also save a ton of money as swimming lessons (and many other activities) in Cantonese work out a lot cheaper than trying to find english only activities.

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