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sleep clinic from australia coming to HK

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    Another option is to get a maternity nurse to come and spend the night at your house. They are trained professionals with extensive experience and can give advice on pretty much anything to do with babies AND do/help out the "dirty work";)

    I had a maternity nurse for 2 nights to help out when my husband was away on business trip and I found it very helpful. She taught me how to settle my baby (she has been colicky and hard to settle at night). She also taught me different techniques to get her back to sleep if she wakes up too early. Besides giving the advice she of course acutally spent the nights with me and my baby and got to know he both of us, which made her advice much more useful.

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    1stimemum - So sorry you had such a hard time with the sleep training! It wasn't much fun for us either, but I have to say (fingers crossed) it is working. The first night we did it, my son cried for 2 hours!! Then he fell asleep. Actually my husband did the dirty work that night, though I heard a lot of the screaming and crying. Anyways, it's been about three weeks now and I'm happy to say that his sleeping has gotten much better. He still cries when we leave his room after we do the bedtime routine, but it's only for a few minutes and then he falls asleep by himself with no fuss. And he's also gone from waking up in the middle of the night and screaming to sleeping for a nine hour stretch last night before waking up! By that time, it was already 7:45am this morning and we let him get up. He still sleeps rather late and I need to start moving his bedtime up a little earlier, but I would also need to adjust his nap times so he doesn't sleep too much during the day...anyways, I'll probably start doing that a little later on. My son gets a total of about 12 hours of sleep a day, which Tammy says a 15 month old should be getting.

    I agree with you though that the Extinction method is REALLY hard. It was really hard on me and if it wasn't for my husband's strong resolve and refusal to let me give up, I don't know if I could do it. Anyways - good luck with it! It really does work, I think, but it takes a lot of perseverence!

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    futurehkmom, thanks for the encouragement! in some good news. Leanne Mcnamara from Whisperscottage in Australia has agreed to come to Hong Kong from 9 aug - 14 aug. She's the director of whisperscottage and has been doing this for more than 7yrs now.

    Please visit her website if you're interested -

    We already have 3 families who will be using her and she can see another 2 more babies during this time. This will be useful for those who have not been successful on their own and need a trained health care professional to assist them.

    We just need contributions for hotel stay (share the cost), air tickets taken care of. She has a wealth of knowledge and its rare for us in HK to get such help. I highly encourage anyone interested to email me if you're interested.

    For all the mums out there from australia/ uk where such clinics exist, i would really appreciate your help in explaining how these clinics work/ function. I know she works as my husband's colleague in Sydney highly recommended her.

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