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Baby car seat laws...

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    Baby car seat laws...

    I think I already know the answer to this question, but just to be sure since a friend who will be visiting HK is asking me...there are no baby car seat laws in HK, right? My friend is visiting with his 2 year old and wants to make sure he won't be going against the law if he doesn't bring his car seat. Thanks!

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    If there were I would have forced hubby to buy a car seat before T was born. I don't think so cuz up until now we still don't have one....

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    As far as I am aware, no law requiring it but there is some confusing information on the transport department website below:

    Transport Department - Child Safety in Cars

    QUOTE "You must not hold a child in your arms or allow him to sit on your lap when you are sitting in the front seat. In an accident the child can be crushed between you and the vehicle dashboard or thrown out of the vehicle.

    If children are in someone else's car or if you are carrying a lot of children, child restraints may not be available. In that case children should wear seat belts rather than not be restrained at all."

    Think it is just intended as "good advice" rather than black letter law:

    "Children up to 12 months - They should be carried in the rear of the car lying down in a carrycot ( or infant carrier if the baby is smaller and less than 9 months ) across the car with their heads in the middle of the car. The carrycot should be held on the rear seat by special carrycot restraining straps. If this is not possible, the cot should be on the floor, wedged between the front and rear seats. A folded blanket will help to level the floor or wedge the cot in place. Fasten a cover over the carrycot to help stop the baby from being thrown out. If it is a carrycot made for use in a car, use the restraining straps provided."

    Not ideal mind you.

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