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thinking of moving to Marina cove, need advice

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    thinking of moving to Marina cove, need advice

    We are a local family living up Tai Hang, we have 2 yound kids(5 and 7) studying in AIS, our lease is expiring and we are considering renting either Mid level west for space and seaview or Marina Cove (kids for garden). The problem is we have always live in the island and I work in Central, my husband work in North point. There is no school bus to AIS from Mid level west and Marina cove is full too, pricewise both places are 5k difference, with Marina cove cheaper. We have not made up our mind with the commute, we know many AIS kids are in SK so the school bus will be available next year and it will probably be 30mins and Midlevel West will be at least 1.5 hr.
    I never stay in a house and the Marina cove is attractive, any one lived there before, any advise I was told that you need to cycle to the entrance and then take mini bus to Hang Hau then MTR, while Midlevel for me is 25 mins minibus ride and Marina Cove will be at least 1 hr. Also I do travel alot so need to go airport.
    Moving to SK will not be cheaper but it is a life style experience for the kids to stay in a house, but I am not sure if I can handle that commute day in and out plus the additional costs of driving to work for my husband, also we have a club in island for swimming so it seemed that our activities are still in island though the school is in Kowloon tong.

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    so, i guess you need to decide:

    when the school bus DOES become available: do you want your CHILDREN to have a 1.5 hour commute or do YOU want to commute for an hour?

    to me, the KIDS come first!

    a one hour commute is NOT bad...take a book! download a favourite tv show onto your ipod...
    besides... if your hubby insists on driving to work, he could drop you off at the MTR, no?

    you can forget your costly "club" membership and use the public pool in sai kung! it's VERY clean, well-maintained and costs $8 for a child!!!

    besides, the more you live in sai kung, the more you will look for activities here... of COURSE all of your kids CURRENT activities are based on hk island! that's where you live, now!!! once you move, you start to look for things a little closer to home...

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