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anyone has maxi cosi mila, zapp or B+

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    anyone has maxi cosi mila, zapp or B+

    hi, I am planning to get maxi cosi caprio + a stroller base. I have been trying different brand, Quinny zapp, B+, and Maxi cosi Mila, and I am leaning toward Mila...

    My comment:
    Quinny zapp is light and small, but I find it's not that easy to open and fold, and the seat is not flexible. $2500

    B+ is easier to open but the whole pram is bulky, seat can be adjusted (incline and decline). $6500

    mila is easy to open and close, and when it's folded, it's much smaller than B+ and the rest is pretty much like B+, seat can be adjusted like B+. $2400

    I know quinny is very popular, but I see lots of 2nd hand sale mentioning the actual stroller is not used, it seems like most ppl purchase it for the car seat only.

    I dont see much B+ and Mila on 2nd hand market, in fact, mila is never mentioned in this forum. Is it bad or??

    p.s. not many baby shop in hk has mila, not even mothercare. I saw it at 0/3.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    I have the zapp and if I had my time over I would not have bought it. My son outgrew the maxi cosi seat at about 5 months but he was still too small for the zapp so we had to buy another stroller for the meantime. He now just fits into the zapp (at 8 months) but because it doesn't recline I don't like taking him out in it of we're going to be out for a while. It's great for short walks and because it's so compact it's perfect for the supermarket. It doesn't fold so easily but once you work it out it's super quick.

    Hope that helps.

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