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visa for china

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    visa for china


    any non-chinese women out there who have given birth in HK and come back to china?

    we live in GZ and want to bring our baby to gz right after we have given birth in hk. but i want to put the sticker for the baby in my husband's passport, not mine. do you know if we can do this? will chinese immigration allow this? any advice will be much appreciated

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    most countries require baby's to have their OWN passports... not just stickers in their mother's (was never in the father's).

    whatever passport you hold, you will have to apply for & receive BEFORE you take the baby to china. you will also need a visa for china for the baby. depending on what nationality you are, it could take a month or more to process it all.

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    What country are you from?
    Basically you need to do the following: get the birth certificate issued asap, take that to apply for a passport(time depends on what country pp it is), then use that to apply for a Chinese visa for your baby to enter China. China will not allow your baby to enter without its own passport.
    We were looking at about a month all in all (and the lady at Union hospital would NOT even guarantee that we got the birth certificate while we were still in the hospital). This was a big reason why we decided to have the baby in China. That and spending up to a month before the birth in HK(cannot trust that the border will be open, and travel time to the closest hospital from SZ is still 1.5-2hrs and if you're in serious labour, no thanks!), and living in a hotel/serviced apt for a month after with a newborn alone, was not my idea of a good time. Plus the expenses of the serviced apt for 2 months).

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    Agree, it was difficult enough getting everything organised to take baby to the UK to see grandparents at 3 months old. Although it did only take one week to get a china visa (tourist).

    You also need to take into account that if you are on work / dependent visa's in China your baby should also be on a dependent visa, I am not sure you can organise that from HK?

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