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Flight advice: what would you do?

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    Unless your baby is used to sleeping in the Sit n Stroll, I think I might check it in given that you are on a night flight and the baby might want to lie down to sleep. I know mine certainly prefers to lie down. When we took our car seat, the baby sat in it to play as we were on a mid-afternoon flight, but preferred to sleep lying down so he didn't sleep in the car seat, but only in our arms!

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    Just did a stressful long-haul returned flight with my 13 month old. It was not nice. I hope it was better for you plumtree. He only wanted to hang onto me although there were three other adults with us. (My husband and my parents).

    On the way to Frankfurt, he slept only 3 hours on the plane, 1 hour in the bassient and 2 hours in my arms. Coming back to HongKong, one hour on the floor and 4 hours on me. I did not even dare to move him and hand him for my huaband becuase he would startle and wake up then scream for about 10 minutes when I tried to move my position a bit to get comfortable.

    We flew lufthansa and had the bassinet seats (bulk head). We bought a seat for our bud. so we had three seats in a row. At the bulk head seat, the armrest for Seat E and F is movable. But not between D and E, F and G. This is a bit to my relieve. Also, the extra leg room was a life saver. Our bud was able to sit and play there and also lie flat sleeping for a while. So, if we flight again with Lufthansa, we would still try to get the bulk head.

    Best of luck and let us know how it went with you.

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