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earrings for sensitive ears?

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    earrings for sensitive ears?

    not sure where to post this, hope this is right.

    anyways i used to wear silver small hoops years and years ago, and this may sound a bit lazy but i just never took them out, had them for years, of course i clean them, but then i moved to hong kong and i took them out (work, baby, etc).

    now i can't put anything in there without it getting itchy and red! I've tried gold, silver, all sort of other earrings, even borrowed someone's 'hypoallergic' earrings to try to see if that would work, but it didn't.

    sometimes if i have a important dinner to go to i might put on some vaseline first and then the earrings can last about 2 hours before they itch and get red and then i have to remove them...

    any (hopefully not costly) suggestions and advice appreciated!

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    Tsuen Wan

    The exact same thing has happened to me now. I hope to hear some people's suggestions, but I like the vaseline idea.

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