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Dr.Alex Doo, Grace Cheung, Macor Wan reviews

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    matemate is offline Registered User
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    dingdongding (funny name by the way), it's canossa

    any tips/comments/suggestions please let me know. unfortuately we missed the registration for matilda (tick on my checklist for number two) and had to go with what we had. we didn't have a chance to visit the birthing room yet, so i don't even know what equipment they do or do not have...

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    It depends. If you have a 'normal' pregnancy and are in the public system, there are no more than 2-3. If you go private, some (actually many) doctors do a scan at each appointment. You can ask to not do a scan each time if you would prefer. Some private docs will be okay with this, some won't.

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    mela is offline Registered User
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    Dr Doo doesn't deliver at Canossa - you need to check who does first - it will make your decision easier.

    I had dr Doo and agree with all the above for the future reference:)

    Good luck

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    sblossom is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2010

    Hi, I'm currently in my 26th week and switched from another female OB to grace at wk 16 or so. And came recmd from 2 other women from my office. Personally I thk she is ok, nice woman, but I thk the practice is not as through as the other dr. I saw before grace. Grace's nurses don't track ur weight gain, which is odd considering that is an important piece of info in case of later complications. Her visits always last abt 10 mins or so, include a scan done by grace. She does have a package but since I came to her later, I am just paying per visit, include scan is 900 hkd.
    She only delivers at Matilda, to be honest we are wautlisyed there, but since I don't feel a complete attachment to grace, we may opt out for the public system later on. We'll see.

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    prachi123 is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2016

    My baby was delivered by Dr. Macor Wan. He is extremely professional, respectful of your wishes - either natural or c section. I wanted a drug free natural birth and he was very supportive of it throughout our consultations. However, I developed extreme pain in my pelvis towards the end of my pregnancy because of which I was personally swaying towards a c section for the fear of developing longer term pelvic problems due to pushing baby naturally. Dr. Wan encouraged me to still go vaginal and at every point I was 100 percent assured that he wanted the best medical outcomes for me. He is a very established and highly experienced Dr. I had a great birthing experience and rapid recovery..

    His bedside manner can be best described as professional. He is a man of few words but you can be rest assured that you are in very safe and responsible hands. Don't expect chit chatting or warm reassurances but medically he is the best out there.

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