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Hospital Catchment Areas

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    Question Hospital Catchment Areas


    Can anyone tell me where I find out what the hospital catchment areas are? I actually live in Tuen Mun but don't want to deliver there as have not heard good things-unless anyone knows anything to the contrary?

    I'm unsure of where the best places are to go but I'm probably going to be limited by my current location.

    Please help!!!!

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    For my first child, I wanted to go to QMH as I'd heard it was the best so I used my father in law's address to get in even though I lived in North Point which is the catchment area for Pamela Youde. After my daughter was born and I met other mums that lived around this area, I heard so many good things about PY that I regretted not going there instead! I personally would prefer to go to any of the other smaller, quieter hospitals than to QMH because the craziness there just really got to me. Most of my friends who went to the other public hospitals were very happy there.

    The one exception is if you do have a complicated pregnancy, you will be transferred to QMH - and unfortunately that has been the case in my 2nd pregnancy. I registered at PY but got transferred.

    I don't know what hospital is the one for Tuen Mun but from experience, I would suggest just going to your catchment hospital rather than going to a more well known hospital (PARTICULARLY Queen Mary) - unless you have medical reasons for wanting to do so... Any of the others are going to have adequate medical support for a normal pregnancy, they're all going to have good English skills if you need that, and they're more likely to have cheaper semi-private or private options... also the waiting times for the appointments is likely to be shorter...

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    hi there... i'm currently registered @ QMH for delivery in September but as nicolejoy mentioned it is a very busy hospital, though with the best medical facilities for newborn in case of complication.

    as long as you are able to show a proof of address in the zone of the public hospital, you will be able to register... they asked for a utility bill, but we showed them a bank statement and have seen in other posts personal letters also did the magic...

    here's the link to the hospital authority in Hong Kong re zoning, hope it helps:
    Hospital Authority

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    I was in the Tuen Mun catchment area when I was due to have my daughter and, like you, had read about the hospital so was unsure I wanted deliver there. I spoke to my OB (Dr Doo) and he wrote me a referral letter for QMH but they would not accept me as a patient. He then wrote me a referral for Prince of Wales hospital and that was fine so I delivered there!

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