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Speaking different languages' parents, HELP!

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    my daughter is 2 and can't speak yet...brought her to the ST when she was 18mths and they told me strictly to speak to her in one language only...hard because I don't want to get in the habit of speaking English to her when the yaya's already basically she hears both Cantonese and English. She responds to our instructions and does a lot of gesturing and makes a lot of sounds to imitate actual be honest, like lottieclee I am not a supporter of the STs theory as you can see...I know that my daughter will speak soon...she's 23mths now and making more sounds that sound closer to next appt with the ST is in crossing my fingers there will be improvement!

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    In case you would like a long-term perspective. I was raised tri-lingually, namely Dutch, German and English. My parents (back in the '70's) were not aware of any theories, this was just the way it was. We spoke three languages at home, one at school and another outside school. I am weakest in the language we only spoke in school (getting mostly 'C' grades in school), but with the other two I was fine (wobbling between 'A' and 'B' all the way through).
    Because my parents never spoke anything but their native tongue with me, I fully identfy with my cultural backgrounds, I have picked the best of them and celebrate everything! :)
    I went to university and am now teaching English, as well as being an interpreter for any combination of the three languages, even though I studied something completely different at Uni.
    Hope this helps,
    Cheers, :)

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