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Pregnancy Loss Support Group

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    City Jammer is offline Registered User
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    Thank you Fennho, for your reply :)

    I'm beginning to think that I should consider seeing a therapist afterall. I am reading all kinds of books on miscarriage and stillbirth (all ordered from Amazon).

    If anyone has any recommendations, please send me a PM. Thanks again :)

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    Hello City Jammer,

    Exactly one year ago I lost a baby at 24 weeks; it was the hardest thing I had ever gone through in my life so far. Thinking back I have a big gap of about four weeks where I did nothing but cry and sleep.

    I still get sad a few times a week but not a few times a day like I did a year ago. Talking about it is what has helped me the most.

    My husband and I did go to a therapist (in NY though) once a week for about six months...that was probably the best thing we did! It forced us to talk about it once a week with a neutral party. I felt most family and friends were uncomfortable talking about it with us or did not know what to say but, “I am so sorry for your loss.” Once we were both back to work full time we thought about the loss less and less…however, we had not full dealt with the situation so the weekly therapist sessions became necessary to our healing process.

    Every situation is different but at first the last thing I wanted to hear was about other people’s losses but it did help to make me not feel so alone!

    It took us 7 months to get pregnant again and now that is my main focus but the pain/fear of the loss is still there and will always be there. I wish you luck while you go through this and do know there is a light at the end of the tunnel…but it is a very long tunnel in these situations!

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