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Long Haul Flight and Travelling around Hong Kong

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    A hotel should have cots available, your in-laws may be able to borrow something. We've got a phil and teds travel cot which is super light but not so slick to put together which we use when staying at people's houses or you can always co-sleep if it's just for a few nights with the in-laws.

    On the plane, ask for a bassinet seat, I got one when I flew with The Boy at about the same age and didn't really use it as we were in business and the seats were big enough to sleep side by side, if I'd been in economy I probably would have. I also like the Baby B'air flight vest, I feel like I can sleep more easily than with the lap belts that move around and baby can undo sneakily, but some people hate it... each to their own.

    There's a thread on here about airlines and car seats it's called something like 'is travelling with children getting harder' - I can't remember exactly what was said but I think basically some of them don't allow them any more as they've added airbags so check first BUT it's my understanding that some airlines have their own baby plane seats... if you buy them a seat.

    We stopped sterilizing at 6 months, it's really not necessary if you wash the bottles properly, think of all the other things he's putting in his mouth (!) - take a little pot of washing up liquid and a bottle brush and you're fine. Not sure what's behind the water question, we boil the water first thing and make his bottles for the day and then he has it at room temperature but if that's not warm enough for your bub you can always pop it in some hot water for a bit to warm up.

    My tip for travelling is to bring plenty of muzzies and more clothes, nappies and food than you think you're going to need because the day you don't is the day he'll vomit over his jammies seven times.

    I also like things like disposable bibs and changing mats for travelling as they're light and reduce the washing you have to do. And a couple of sachets of calpol (tylenol for you guys? ) is handy to have if you have a baby who is teething and grumpy on the plane (I speak from experience).

    I prefer to be organised on the plane and have my 'mummy bag' handy with all the feeds and nappies I am likely to need on the flight as standing on the seat to find something in the overhead locker when the lights are off and the other passengers are asleep is fine but not recommended especially if your baby is fall off the seat mobile (again, I speak from experience!)

    Other than that it's not like you're coming to deepest, darkest Peru. You can buy most things here or in the airport if you forget something. So plan well, make lists and then try to relax.

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    i have never been to a hotel that DIDN'T have cots available. as for your in-laws house, well that's a different story.

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    Most decent hotels provide not only cots but also sterilizers and baby bathtubs so you should call your hotel in advance for everything they can offer! Once you're at your in-law's place, you can sterilize the bottles by boiling them. You should bring something your baby is familiar with (like his blanket or stuff animal) so that it's easier for him to get used to his new bed. Good luck!

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    You can sterilise at the hotel using sterilisation tablets, container/plastic bag and cold water. They sell the cold water sterilisation kits at Mothercare in HK. That might be useful for the hotel. As for a cot, the YWCA rents out some baby equipment, so you could call and see if they have a pack n play.

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    Thank you everyone for the tips and advices! Very useful indeed! I will contact YWCA and see if they offer any rentals. I will have a better idea where we will be staying and which airline we will be flying once my hubby finalizes the dates.

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