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What do you feed a 16 month old...

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    FutureHKmom is offline Registered User
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    What do you feed a 16 month old...

    Just curious about what other mums out there feed their 16 month olds. Usually on weekdays, we cook separate food for our 16 month old son at home. The food has basically no oil and very little salt in it. Weekends we do the same, but we usually take him out to eat with us - sometimes feeding him first before we go out and sometimes taking his food out with us. My question is at this age, how much outside restaurant food should I be giving? If we eat lunches and dinners out on Sat and Sun should I just feed him restaurant food for those meals too or should I cook separate for him and bring it out....just not sure how much outside food his little body should take now. I know one or two meals a week is ok - but more? Thanks for any input and advice!

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    honestly, by 16 months your baby can eat everything you do, just in smaller bits and smaller quantities.

    if he's eating 2 out of 21 weekly meals in a restaurant, do you really think it's going to hurt him?

    personally, i don't understand it. we never really worried about it, we just did it. there was always something on the menu that we knew out little ones would eat, as for health aspects, as i said, 2/21 meals to me wasn't a big deal. even if it is more often, it's going to happen eventually, so long as you make healthy food at home, i don't see a big deal.

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    shuchisingh is offline Registered User
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    16 month old should eat normal food... everything - just in smaller portions. it ofcourse makes sense to give "junk-food" and sweets less frequently but they are also not off-limit completely.

    my son eats what we eat since he was 12/13 months. he eats at restaurants - the only things he doesnt eat are the things he doesnt like :)

    btw - babies need fat and oil for brain development and growth. going low on oil is not a good idea. there are lot of good books on nutrition and feeding for growing babies.

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    Since my daughter was about 12 months, I NEVER cooked her separate food and she eats what we eat - both at home and in the restaurant. She's now 21 months and a very good eater, generally speaking. She does have her preferences, but I love knowing I can take her anywhere and feed her anything. Usually for breakfast, she eats weetabix and some fruit, sometimes some yoghurt too. For lunch, she eats a sandwich, or spread on toast/rice cakes with some more fruit and cheese. For dinner, she eats whatever we're eating - rice with Chinese dishes, or meat/vegetables, or pasta etc... Her favourite things are fruit, cheese, yoghurt, pasta... I can't think of them all right now. But she's very easy to feed. Oh and she loves eggs and sausages too. I try to limit the amount of sweet drinks that she has - she usually only has a half a glass of juice a day (diluted with water) and the rest, she drinks just water. And I try not to eat junk food in front of her because she wants it too (she loves chocolate and potato chips but rarely gets them).

    Some of my daughter's friends (also around 21 months old) still get special food cooked just for them - but in my opinion, they tend to be a bit more fussy eaters and also I think that eating together is something that families are meant to do... sharing the same food... I like that we include our daughter in our dinner time too :)

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    happyvalleygirl is offline Registered User
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    Happy Valley

    A 16 month old should be eating everything you do. There really is no need to be cooking separate meals. Also a little fat/oil is necessary for development.

    My little one has been eating our food since he started solids. Previously we didn't cook with any salt, but now we add a little depending on what is being cooked.

    He loves eating out at restaurants which we do 1 or 2 per week. Favourites are dim sum, slightly spicy curries and mexican!

    Breakfasts are usually toast with jam or pancakes or cheerios or weetabix. Lunch is usually what mom and dad had for dinner the night before (H eats his tea at 5pm - too early for us!), and then dinner/tea is sandwiches or pasta or fried rice etc. Lunch and dinner also include fruit and a yoghurt.

    I thoroughly recommend you read Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. It has a fantastic selection of meals that a great for your bub and they are so tasty, adults eat them too!

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    baffelly is offline Registered User
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    We still cook separate for out 18 mth old though with same ingredients as our food. My problems with eating same food are:
    1) scheduling. His schedule is different from ours. Eg he has dinner at 6:30 so there's time for him to bath and relax before bed while we eat later. If we cook together our food will need reheating and won't taste good.
    2) he still only got 6 teeth so we give him softer food, like cooking his vege longer, pasta softer etc. It's easier to to it separately
    3) we like spicy food and also eat semi junk food like deep fried stuff and I don't think he should eat spicy stuff. (again we sometimes hold the spice for his portion but we might as well just cook separatly at the right time)

    do others have these issues?

    We do give him restaurant food when we eat out but he is not usually interested.

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    jvn is offline Registered User
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    Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

    A 16 month old can absolutely eat what you eat. My 11 month old eats what we do and has been for several months now - I don't see any reason to cook him special food, why would I teach him that he eats different food to us. The only difference when we cook at home is that we don't add salt any more. Babies need fat and shouldn't be given low-fat versions of anything and should definitely have oil within reason.

    Baffelly - with the scheduling we cook what we are having at 8pm, save a portion for The Boy and reheat for him at 6pm the next day. He doesn't have the discernment or palate to tell he's having reheated food yet!!

    With the teeth, babies just don't need teeth to chew. The Boy has four teeth and can eat a steak and has no problem with crusty french bread - it just takes him a bit longer than it takes us to gum it into submission.

    The spice is more of a problem, there are some things he just doesn't like and even when he does like it he can rub the sauce in his eyes which stings a bit. He likes chilli con carne but I offered him a very spicy chicken the other day and he rejected it. I'd offer him spicy food when you have it and he'll soon let you know if he likes it or not - some babies love it. If he doesn't like it keep some homemade nuggets or fishcakes or something in the freezer that you can quickly cook and offer instead.

    We usually eat out with him once or twice at the weekend, my only concern is salt as you just don't know how much they are putting in restaurant food but making sensible choices, avoiding highly processed 'kids' food and viewing his salt intake as an average over the week all helps. We also often share a slice of banana bread or a muffin when we're out during the week. Again, I have no problem with an overall healthy diet and sugar in moderation - I believe I'm teaching him to live in the real world and make good choices and banning certain foods types just won't help him to do that.

    If I were you I'd just relax and let your baby enjoy eating out and the occasional treat when you do!

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    by 16 month babies can pretty much eat anything (as long as they do not have allergies) just make sure it is soft and not overloaded with salt / sugar - fat is necessary for brain development before the age of 2 so no need to be too worried about that. my daughter ate pretty much everything and still does - i think it is a good idea to make sure they try a good variety of foods from when they are young

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