I have a baby on the way due in November and we have decided not to re-sign our helpers contract (late 50's, terrible cook, not so creative with kids, but kind and trustworthy).

I have started looking through websites and have interviewed a stack of helpers on the phone and then organised a few meetings with the stand out candidates. Basically I am still searching for that person!

I need someone who can cook, clean and help with the day to day runnings of our household. In addition to this, we have another child who is 5, so I need someone who can play, entertain and interact well with an older child, especially considering she has been an only child for 5 years!
So many of the helpers are keen on babies (gives them the tactile love they are obviously depreived of being away from their homes?) and less interested in the older kids. See it all the time.

Ideally someone who is creatve and has initiative.

Any nationality is fine, Filipina, Thai, Nepalses, Sri Lankan.

We also have a very open plan apartment so someone who is discreet and mindful of privacy is a must! And likes dogs (we have one old gentle dog).

thanks for any recommendations.