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Cost of baby - first few months.

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    Hehe, probably the parents were dressing in 6-9 layers themselves!

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    I completely agree with the advice not to buy too much - you get so many clothes and toys as gifts. We're still using them almost six years after my first baby shower! Also, we got most of our big ticket items while we were traveling overseas or had friends/family bring them back for us. For example, as I was working at the time I was expecting my first and second, we bought the Medela breastpump and milk bags from the States. Also got the Angelcare movement monitors and Oreck air cleaners there, where we saved anywhere from 50-90% than in HK. The stroller and carseat/baby carrier were bought on a business trip to Singapore at the Robinsons department store, which is about 50% cheaper than HK. Really wanted to buy the crib there, too, but it was too big to lug back, so had to buy that at Bumps to Babes, my single most expensive purchase, but it's lasting through to my third child, so I guess it was worth it. I do like the winter sleepers at Mothercare, but we bought those with gift vouchers that we received during the baby shower.

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