Hi everyone,

If you are unfortunately suffering PUPPP like I am, please do yourself a good deed and right away buy a product called Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap. Take a shower with it for 3 times a day (with luke warm or even cold water) and you will see changes right away within 2 or 3 days. My PUPPP started at around week 12 pregnancy and I am now week 30. The rash is almost completely gone with only fading brown scar left. My rash was developed and spread on my neck, shoulders, back, waist, arm, armpit, hands, wrists and even fingers, abdominal, hip, front and back of my thighs, knees. Nothing on my face or calf.

One product particularly I don't know about the effect is Rainier Soap (available only online). I place an order 3 months ago to get the PUPPP relief soap and the cream. Since I do not leave in US, Tracy (the owner) asked me to pay the extra shipping charges. I was annoyed by that because the website's shipping page was not appearing while I placed the order and wasn't expecting this charge but still I paid for that. It's been 3 months now and I still haven't received the order. I have sent her numerous emails but she doesn't even bother responding to me anymore. So why bother going through this hassle while you are already suffering this most terrible, irritating PUPPP.

Here is a list of products I have tried after my PUPPP has developed:
Best soothing rememdy but temporary relief not curing:
-Aqueous cream (even mixed with methol as suggested by my pharmacist friend)

Soothing for 1/2 hour, not curing and quite sticky so very uncomfortable with dust starting to stick onto skin:
-Jason's aloe vera gel 98%
-Aveeno Anti-Itch Lotion
-Aveeno Baby Eczema Care Cream

Looks like it works but rash came back even continuing to apply:
-Diaper rash cream with over 40% zinc oxide

Quick absorb, I use it as hand lotion:
-Aveeno skin relief lotion

Took bath with but not curing again:
-Aveeno oatmeal bath

Any prescripted cream from my family doctor, obstetrician or dermatologist, with or without steroid, are not curing. I am also afraid to put too much on as I doubt whether it's good for my baby.

So my daily routine now is to take a shower with the Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap twice a day, take one Benedryl (antihistamine) to help me sleep through the night, put on Aveeno skin relief lotion as hand lotion if needed.