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Reviews of Dr Michael Scott Rogers

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    Reviews of Dr Michael Scott Rogers

    Hi, I am going through a rather complicated pregrancy- still in my first trimester and I've been bleeding. I have been going to Dr Michael Scott Rogers, and I'm wondering if I should continue going to him or change doctors. He is rather expensive. If any of you have been to see him before, could you please provide reviews on your experience with him? Thanks.

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    In my experience, for a complicated/high risk pregnancy, Dr Cora Ngai is brilliant. I wouldn't go to her for a routine pregnancy, but for complicated cases, she's extremely experienced. She is also expensive though - but they all are... and she really is an expert in her field. The other doctor who I would consider in a complicated pregnancy is Dr Lam from the Hong Kong prenatal diagnostic clinic - but he is more busy and less personal than Dr Ngai - although I only saw him in my uncomplicated, first pregnancy...

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