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Phone and internet

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    Phone and internet

    I have always found your answers very useful to me so I turn to you one more time regarding phone and internet connections.
    I would like a basic home phone plan with local phone calls included. Who do I have to call? Is there a national phone company? How long does it take to be connected? What is the cheapest way to call abroad: national operator? long distance phone card?
    Concerning cell phone, what are the names of the providers so that I can check their offers online?
    For the Internet, what is most efficient: DSL or cable? Which plan do you advise knowing that I value quality over price (I do not want a cheap connection with regular interruptions)?
    Thank you very much for your help.

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    you can call a few different companies. by far, the largest one is PCCW, you sign up for separate IDD (long distance) from other companies (each company has its own prefix: 0060, 1566, etc)

    you can purchase prepaid calling cards at every 7-11 and circle K.

    PCCW can also provide internet broadband connection, called NETVIGATOR. they are also the company that can provide broadband tv (NOW BROADBAND TV).

    you may be able to get a package deal combining all 3 things.

    cell phones: AFAIK can't check charges online, but for voice calls, they are dirt cheap (you pay for incoming and outgoing calls). you'll just have to shop around a little.

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    My internet is HK Broadband, and my monthly service fee includes a free home phone line with 30 minutes long distance IDD calling. They are fine - I have never had a service interruption. Though I dread actually having to contact them for whatever reason - I find it very frustrating. Otherwise, it`s fine. Good price. And calling back home with IDD is quite cheap.

    I just bought a SIM card and buy recharge cards. I use the company `3`.

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