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want good female Dr. Dr Anita Chai or other female Dr?

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    want good female Dr. Dr Anita Chai or other female Dr?

    Has anyone seen Dr Anita Chai in Mongkok? Opinions? I really want to find a good female Dr. I have been seeing a Dr in TST who is nice enough and her charges etc are reasonable however I don't feel like I am getting any information from her (this is my first baby). From the q's she asks it feels like she is waiting for something to be wrong so that she can give me information. She is also quite wary of me still exercising. If anyone can point me in the direction of a good female Dr (would prefer not the ones in Central who charge very high!).

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    I am seeing a female doctor called Dr. Ivo Chen in the Union Hospital Polyclinic (though I am delivering in a public hospital) in Tseun Kwan O. I'm pretty happy with her and the charges are around HK$500 (with basic urine test, blood pressure, weight and ultrasound). I think Union Hospital has polyclinics elsewhere on the Kowloon side as well and these docs rotate between them (try googling for the locations).

    Here's the link for the TKO clinic: The clinic was recommended to me by my Chinese colleague who went there during her pregnancy. She saw a doctor called Dr. Yu, who is very reputed and you have to make an appointment ages in advance. I think he's a man so might not suit you; the doctor I'm seeing is female.

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    my friend just delivered at Matilda with Dr. Grace Cheung and she loved her!

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    I know this is a 10 year old post but I am currently seeing Dr Anita Chai in TST. She is fantastic, professional and shes got this calming, reassuring nature about her (im Eurasian, first kid, late 20s)

    The only disappointing this is I was told her Clinic only does C Secs and no Vaginal birth.. Since I like her so much I have planned to stay on with her until +5 months and then switch to another OBGYN.

    Highly recommend her for someone on Kowloon side

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