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Dog and New Born

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    Dog and New Born

    All need help;
    Im due Dec - we currently have 1 FT who does all cleaninng, cooking and dog care. Our dog is quite a handful, and she is great.

    We are considering a FT helper for baby when I go back to work after 10 measly weeks at home. I'd like the 2nd helper to start around Dec time. My worry is - When I am at home, what does the 2nd helper do? I want to spend as much time with the baby but also realise that finding helpers is very competitive. Any advise?

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    your second helper can help with the dog and housework, afterall 1st helper will have to go on holiday eventually and it would be good for new helper to get a handle on how everything is done before she is needed elsewhere.

    your new helper will also have to learn how to handle the baby the way YOU want. she can run errands for your and generally help where and when it's needed.

    although, i will say that our helper just helped with the kids and housework/cooking. we took care of the dogs, it was just easier that way. never needed nor wanted a second helper until recently... and our kids are now 3.5 & 5.5.

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    We did exactly the same as you - got a second helper when I went back to work to cope with a large, active dog and the baby. Never any problem with finding things for either of them to do, the house is usually super tidy (far more so than I would keep it!) lots of lovely healthy cooking is done and the dog happily walked. Number 2 came along quite quickly afterward so all worked out well - they both appreciated they had a light workload with one, but knew that with the second life would be busier.

    I second Cara on the errands, my helpers do all sorts of things for me and keep the house running like a well oiled machine, but they also get lots of rest which I am happy about. All the more energy to play with the kids.

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