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Music lessons - when, where and how?

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    Music lessons - when, where and how?

    Have some very basic questions about children's music lessons:

    - When: My daughter has just turned 5. When do most kids start their music lessons?

    - What: Not sure which instrument to pick. Every kid I know seems to be taking piano. The second most popular choice is violin. How do you make the decision?

    - Where: She will go to Kennedy School this fall, does the school offer music lessons? If not, where can we find good music teachers? Any recommendation?

    Finally, a question about how much is too much. My daughter is currently taking ballet class twice a week. She is into art so it may be a good idea to sign her up for an art class. We plan to boost her Chinese with some private tutoring/home schooling. It also seems nice to do some sports. Don't want her to become one of those overscheduled kids. So my question is, how much extracurriculum activity is "normal" for a 5-6 year old? If she seems to be interested in all those, how does a parent help her prioritize and choose?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Kida in hong kong starts music lessons (e.g. Piano lessons) very early, like at around 3 years old. I've some friends who teach and they say that it's hard to define a best age. To me personally, i think it's most important that my children would enjoy music, it doesn't really matter if he plays an instrument or not. If he wants to learn, i'd let him.

    I know that there's a musical theatre group that meets at kennedy school, i'm not sure whether it's a school program though.
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