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Just Moved to HK - Looking for Helper

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    Just Moved to HK - Looking for Helper

    My husband and I just moved to HK and are looking for a live-in helper to take care of our 8-month old daughter.

    Being quite new to the idea of having a helper, could you tell me:

    1) Once I find a helper, how long does the paperwork take?
    2) What is the best way of finding a helper. I would like to find a helper who has been in HK for 5 years+ and has experience with babies.


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    Hong Kong

    Hi there,

    Great timing - i've got a helper who is CPR First Aid certified and helped me with my baby girl, who is now 8.5 months. Unfortunately we are leaving HK in Oct, so I would love to help her find a new home.

    I hired her directly, so I can take you through the paperwork, its fairly straightforward, need to fill up a couple of forms and provide income proof/address proof etc. and the process takes about 4 - 6 weeks, before the visa gets approved, also you'd need to buy helpers insurance. Other than that, its just direct dealing with regards to benefits, min wage is about HK$3.6k + food allowance/other benefits, min 7 days off a year.

    Let me know if you might be keen to speak with my helper and I am happy to be a referral.

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