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How long did you breast feed for?

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    i breastfed my son 50-50 from birth.
    i fed my daughter exclusively to 6 months, then only a nighttime dreamfeed until she was about 12 months or so.

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    I bf till 8 months... my son was just not interested anymore.
    Tips ? there are so many.... drink a lot of water, have a look on a good internet site (or LLL) about what to avoid (like mint, sage, cabbage...), don't be impressed by people looking at you bfeeding when you are out, IMI in Central makes an efficient drink in case of milk lower supply, don't listen to people saying your milk is not good or fat enough, bf on the same breast long enough as the fat is at the end, and if you have any problem, pain, lower supply... talk to someone, and embrace these moments :bfeeding

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    Had to stop when baby was 7.5 months old because I got pregnant and had to take some medication that didn't allow for breastfeeding. Luckily, baby was ok with switching to formula. Just relax and if you have any latch issues, get it worked out quickly! Call LLL, Yvonne Heavyside or Annerley for a home visit! So worth it! Lying down is GREAT for feeding but like it was said before, easier when baby is a little older. Good luck!

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    My son is 11-months old, still breastfeeding.

    My only other advice besides the ones the others have already given you is that you shouldn't worry if the baby only feeds for 5 minutes (and he/she is still gaining weight), just means he/she has become an efficient feeder.

    Also, if a doctor tells you to stop breastfeeding, check with La Leche League (LLL) and they can tell you if there is an alternative method.

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    i did 50-50 with my first and with my 2nd one now I am doing 20-80...first I did it for 3mths and with this 2nd one I am still's great that some can do it for such a long period of time, but it wasn't for me - stopped at 3mths with the 1st because my flow was low and i didn't like the idea of bumping to get the flow going...this time around my supply is better so i'll probably bf for more than 3mths...maybe 6mths...don't know for sure.

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    my son is 2.5years old and im about 25weeks pregnant and am still breastfeeding. though only twice a day, mostly for comfort, im glad i did not rush or force to wean him off. i enjoy the intimacy with him and during nursing, he strokes my belly and is able to feel the baby's kicks, which surprises him all the time! nursing has helped him lessen his stress on the knowledge of having a new baby sister.

    hmm advice? get a good pillow to help out during early days. if there is a problem, call the LLL right away. alot of people will give you opinions as to why formula is better, but it realli is up to you and the baby. there's also no need to beat yourself up if breastfeeding doesnt work for your family :)

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    #1 - 11 months - stopped when baby self-weaned
    #2 - 8 months - stopped because I was so utterly fed up with it

    I hated breastfeeding both times and only did it because I understand it is best for the baby. I hated sitting around and I'm used to being up and doing things. I know you're supposed to sit there and gaze adoringly into your babies eyes as you bond, but this is just not me. I bonded just fine with both daughters and it had nothing to do with breastfeeding.

    So my recommendation is to just put up with it for as long as you can. Probably not very helpful !

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    Funny, I didn't "loooovvee" breastfeeding like that either, but I didn't hate it as much as some other people I know either. My daughter wasn't THAT attached to it either. Most of the time I'd watch TV while I breastfed. My main motivations for breastfeeding were the convenience (no need to make up bottles and take them with you everywhere, then worry about warming them etc), the cheapness of it (I'm a bit of a tightwad really), and the health benefits for bub. The bonding thing didn't really make that much difference to me, neither did the whole "it helps you to lose weight" argument.

    With my 2nd daughter, so far I'm exclusively pumping (she's 16 days old in NICU and has a cleft palate, along with other health issues which are likely to make direct bfing difficult, if not impossible) and I don't know how long I'll keep that up this time, because the convenience factor has gone right out the window this time!! Although it's still cheaper and healthier for bub... I'd like to keep it up for at least 6 months if I can, but we'll see...

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