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Purchase and delivery

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    Purchase and delivery

    I would like to be delivered some heavy and voluminous stuffs I need to buy such as detergent, shower gel, shampoo, toilet paper, kitchen paper, diapers and wipes. Is there a website where I can order online? If not, I guess I would need to ask to be delivered after shopping myself directly in the store. What store is the cheapest for these items in your opinion?
    Thank you.

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    They don't have tonnes of brands, but we like some of the products at They have some brands from north america and some of them ecofriendly :) They deliver free if over 500.

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    You can order from the 2 supermarkets

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    if you go into the supermarket and spend over $X, you can ask for free delivery. If you spend less than $X, you can still have the stuff delivered, but you will be charged for delivery.

    You will find that most places in hk deliver because owning your own car is considered by the majority of hte population to be a luxury.

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