We are moving to H.K. in Jan., my target school will be ESF Quarry Bay for my older son who will be in P1 in Sept. 2011. We only have corporate housing for 4 weeks so we need to find an apartment within that time. For people who first moved to H.K. and not knowing which international school your kid will be end up in, how do you decide where to rent? I prefer not to live in a service apartment temporary and wait for school to make announcement in May/June who they are accepting because I will have a container of belongings shipping to H.K. so moving around with two toddlers twice in a couple months of time will be a little difficult, kind of want to find a place in Jan. and settle in. So what does everyone in this situation do? Just find a place and transfer later? ESF gives priority to debenture holders, siblings, kids can't go to school in local stream, what about transfer students?