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Do you go to your GP to do pregancy test or to Gynecologist?

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    Have a read through this article on Pregnancy

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    Thank you all for your tips. OK, next step I will do is to do research on OB. So excited and bought another home pregancy test just to confirm. Do you know if you can fly during the 1st 1-2 month? I have a Europe business trip that I need to go in 2 weeks.....

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    My doctor said that it was fine to fly when I asked him around the same time. I was trying to get out of having to do business trips so I was kind of hoping he would advise against it.

    He mentioned that you should avoid sitting near a window because of the radiation from the sun, however I don't know how serious this is. He also predicted that I would have a girl because my husband travels a lot and apparently radiation kills off male sperm before female sperm so pilots and frequent fliers apparently have more girls. This was true of my father and his colleagues who are all pilots, but lo and behold, I'm having a boy. I had never heard the radiation argument before...nor who knows how true it is. And I also know that Air Stewardesses continue working for a decent length of time when pregnant before they stop so I'm sure it's fine.

    Congratulations anyway. Very exciting!

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    You can fly up until 36 weeks pregnant with most airlines although some will say 34 weeks is their cut-off.

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