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Giveaway ZAiA Tickets for the Family

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    My top family travel tip is to stay calm and laugh at all the little hiccups that happen during the journey. Children are unpredictable and there is no way I could fully prepare for everything that could go wrong during the trip. I believe how I react will determine how enjoyable the journey will be for myself and my kids.

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    My best family travel tip is to go with the flow. Travelling as a family is pretty stressful but I always treat each trip we make as a big adventure and make jokes, tell funny stories and even make puppets out of the sick bags. It usually calms a stressful moment down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snagito View Post
    We actually bring no toys/books as find it a hassle to keep track of them etc while traveling. We try to make games out of what we find on the airplane or bus or train - for example we get the kids to tear pictures out of the duty free magazine and play 'shop' - one child sells to the other - quite fun as can name their own price etc. What we do bring is Scotch Tape, Blu Tack, Band Aids - I always have these in my handbag, as my kids will use the scotch tape to stick things to the window, Blu Tack to stick things to their tray, and bandaids to play vet with their stuffed animals that they bring to sleep with - or sometimes hubby and I pretend we are ill (quite easy really on those long flights!) and the kids then 'look after' us - bandaids, blankets, pillows etc and then we have to 'rest' - which means we put the blindfold thingy on and then they can't disturb 'the patient' for a while. Another top travel game we have is the Flight Night Silence Competition. We play this before going to sleep on the plane: The rule is to be absolutely quiet no matter what anyone does - so no talking at all, no laughing and shouting and giggling --for example- I say things like 'Oh look, there is a purple dinosaur coming out of the bathroom wearing pink shoes', and then usually one child says 'Where Mama? Where? I want to see it?' -then they are out of the game! Winds them up for a bit and then someone who is playing really well usually falls asleep with the effort of being quiet..
    Definitely the most creative ideas/tips. You are the winner!

    PM me your email address and will help you organize your trip to ZAiA

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