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How to stop breastfeeding when baby does not accept cow milk ?

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    How to stop breastfeeding when baby does not accept cow milk ?

    My son is 14 months. He has been breastfed since he was born but I think he could now transition to cow milk. He is eating the same meals as ours, drinks water in a bottle but refuses to drink cow milk. He seems to dislike it. He prefers to skip nursing instead of having to drink cow milk! Did that happen to you? Do you think he still wants to be breastfed? When daddy tried to give him a bottle, he did not have more success. Or may be I should try another type of milk (soya, rice, almond…). I am quite surprised at his reaction. His elder sister transitioned very easily to formula when she was 9 months. What is your advice? Shall I wait till he gets tired of it?

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    My son didn’t like cow’s milk and so I gave him other drinks. In fact he hated it so much he ate his cereal with apple juice instead of milk. I won’t worry – there is nothing in milk that he can’t get from other foods – it just takes more thinking about.
    He refused milk until he was about seven years old and then slowly started to have it. Now he has milk on cereals and in drinks such as tea and coffee but he’d never drink a glass of milk.

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    My 17 month old hates cow's milk too! He was breastfed until 11 months and then I had to stop because I got pregnant with my second and got horrible morning sickness. So then I just gave him formula and he loves that! He also likes soya milk, but much prefers the sweetened variety. If he doesn't like cow's milk, you can try giving him some formula or give him yogurt or cheese or other dairy products.

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    I never put my daughter on cows milk either - I just gave her cheese/yoghurt instead... And you can get things like orange juice or even bread which is fortified with calcium too, or fill in the gaps in their diet with a vitamin. It's not imperative for them to drink cows milk. Just try to make sure they have a balanced diet :) Or as balanced as possible anyway ;)

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