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Breast Pump advice

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    anotherone is offline Registered User
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    I used the hospital-grade Medela electric pump at Matilda before I got discharged and fully intended to hire one when I'm out - only to be told by Celki that the waiting list was 6 weeks long! So I ended up buying the Medela Swing electric, which I loved, as it could drain my breast completely (I was pumping at least 300ml from EACH breast in 30 minutes) and it was the only Medela pump which is easily transportable (I brought it home-work-home everyday for 3 months, and to Macau once as well!) AND is efficient (I found the other small Medela electric pump not very powerful). Just as well I didn't hire the hospital-grade one as I somehow can't imagine bringing that into work lol.

    I stuck to Medela bottles as I can put the "products" into the fridge straight after pumping, and feed straight from the same bottles, without faffing around with pouring milk between bottles.

    Bit of a cheeky note: if anyone wants a Medela Swing, I've got one for sale (check the classified section here).

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Hi, sorry to get back to you so late. I actually bought my Ameda pump in London where I gave birth to my first, but am now in Singapore and have since then bought replacement parts here in Singapore. There are a few online stores that carry it here and I am sure would ship to HK:

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    You can find Ameda pumps in Hong Kong. Maternitynurse, I have PM you the store.

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    I use the Ameda lactaline (aka Purely Yours in the US). It is cheaper than Medela and very good quality. The design is very clever in that the milk never touches the tubing which means there is no need to wash the tubes. With medela it is very difficult to dry the tubes after washing. Another feature I love is that you can play around with the speed and the suction. It's a small machine but as powerful as their hospital grade pump. It also is white with a simple design and I have it on my bedside table ready all the time. I got mine from Homecare Medical for 1750 or thereabouts. You can reach them at 2402 2188.
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    For my first, I breastfeed directly but since I had a huge over-supply, I still had to pump after each feeding. I used the Avent Manual Pump for this and it was efficient enough. For my second, I decided to pump everything out since she was a horrible feeder and I felt like I needed to spend more time with my first instead of feeding all day long. Initially I rented the Ameda (Hospital Grade one) from Homecare. However, the pump horns were not the right size for my nipples. It was too big and it was causing problems. I tried to buy horns that are smaller but the silicone one that they have in HK was too small. The problem with using Ameda in HK is that it's not as popular so it's harder to get additional parts / accessories. Anyways, after 1.5 weeks of playing around with the Ameda, I decided to get the Avent duo electric one. I LOVED it. Was much more comfortable for me. It also comes in a bag so that you can carry the pump around (important for me since I had to go on a couple of business trips so had to bring the pump with me). I highly recommend the Avent. One thing that you should be aware of is that you can't change the size of the horns for Avent so I have heard that women who have bigger nipples have had problems with Avent. For both my of kids I used the Avent bottles.

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