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Flipping from stomach to back and crying

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    Flipping from stomach to back and crying

    Hi, My son (almost 5 months) has always slept on his stomach unless he was swaddled. Although he is rolling both ways; he hates being on his back when he flips over during his slep- arms and legs flailing like an upside down insect and very very upset!:( He knows how to roll back on his tummy but is too upset to consider it. As soon as I turn him on his tummy he picks up his butt and rolls right back on his back. Its almost getting impossible to settle him in the cot. Could anyone please suggest what I could do to help him be comfortable on his back? I am not keen to go back to swaddling as that irritates him too. Can't wait for him to stand up in his sleep next.....

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    I don't think there's any way to really prevent it. My son was exactly the same way as he slept on his tummy from around 2 months old b/c of reflux (the only way he could get rest). When he started learning how to flip early on, I just left him b/c my husband and I felt he just needed to figure it out on his own. I knew he could flip back so it just took a few nights of him trying to figure out what to do. I was not about to go in 4/5 times a night just to flip him back over when I knew he was perfectly capable of doing it's just tough love :)

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