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Kiangsu & Chekiang Kindergarten or primary -- international session?

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    Kiangsu & Chekiang Kindergarten or primary -- international session?


    just want to ask, what normally the kids will attend their primary or secondary if they study in the subject school international session? are they mostly follow the international path when they decide to enter the international session?

    can the children still cope with the syllabus at local seconary school if they study the international syllabus in their primary school?


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    I don't believe so. To my understanding, their international section is just like other international schools, main teaching is in English. I don't remember what they said to me but either 5 days a week or 3 days per week mandarin lesson for an hour each. That's is not going to be enough to go to a local secondary school. I think once you go to the international route, you go on to an international secondary school.

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