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Sunshine House Or Woodlands Pokfulam?

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    rebeccacc is offline Registered User
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    Sunshine House Or Woodlands Pokfulam?

    I've just arrived in HK and am looking at a kindergarten for my son who is almost 3. I've visited Sunshine House and Woodlands in Pokfulam and both seem nice. I've read posts that say Woodlands is better in terms of academic but at 3 I don't think I need to worry to much about this and next year I will looking to send him to ESF or Kellets anyway. Do any moms have advice about the two different kindergartens, good or bad? Would really appreciate your views. Thanks.

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    May 2005

    I have heard the same story for ten years: that Sunshine have a high turnover of staff. They follow an Ontario curriculum - highly respected, and teach 'learn through play', yet I have never met a teacher from there who could actually articulate any of the reason how/why children learn like this.
    I cannot speak highly enough of Woodlands - I would jump at the place if one becomes available.

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    sherwes is offline Registered User
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    My son (nearly 3) is at Woodlands Pokfulam. His teachers are lovely, the school is well run and communication with parents is great.

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    I chose Sunshine over Woodlands and would still do. The Sunshine Cloudview class my oldest attended was an excellent preparation for Primary. Three school years later the same teachers are still there. The closest Woodlands for us, is Montessori, and I haven't been hearing the greatest things about it. I also visited the Pokfulam locations of both and I did like Woodlands there better than I do here, but I've been really happy with Sunshine. It's quite traditional, well structured and I haven't heard people getting turned down for ESF, which is basically the same for Woodlands, although my friend's son got told he only got accepted into Kennedy because of sibling priority, and another friend also had a few issues transitioning her daughter in Kennedy. It certainly depends on the location.

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