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what are the "good" local schools?

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    what are the "good" local schools?

    My children are going to local Chinese schools. Older daughter is now in P2 (7 years old), and my younger daughter just started K1 (3 years old.)

    We are fine with the kindergarten, but I'm worried that the Primary school that we are sending our 7 year old to is not "good" enough. We picked it because it's close to where we live, and we knew the class sizes would be smaller so that she could have more 1 on 1 time with the teacher as Chinese is not her native language. However, last year we had several issues with the school, and we are not convinced that the small class size is doing anything positive for her. In fact, we think the small size is a result of the school not being so great! We thought that this would be our last year here and so didn't want to change her schools, but looks like we'll be around for a few more years at least, and want to get our kids on the right path just in case we end up staying her permanently.

    Unfortunately, international schools of any kind aren't in the budget for us, so we have to stick with the local system. How can I find out what the "good" local schools are, and how do I find out about applying and transferring my daughter there next year?

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    try St Paul's Convent School, DGS & Marymount, those are 3 of the best girls' schools in hk. competition for admission can be fierce, though.

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    International schools can certainly break many budgets with their sky-high fees which at times exceed the tuition of universities.

    Do you have a budget eventhough its small? If yes, also consider private schools that follow the local curriculum. They are a fraction of the cost of international schools while providing very decent education (without the swimming pools :-) )

    2 that immediately come to mind that offer Kindergarten as well as primary are KCS (Mandarin based) and Lingnan (Cantonese based). There are many more in the city. Call around and ask them for their fees.


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