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helping 2 years5months old boy into doing PUZZLE, BLOCKS..ADVICE PLEASE

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    helping 2 years5months old boy into doing PUZZLE, BLOCKS..ADVICE PLEASE

    Hi parents,

    My boy is 2 years and 5 months old now, he is doing great as he should be for his age and in terms of language and physical (big mussel), he seems to be doing great indeed... THE PROBLEM is, I don't know how to get him interested in doing puzzle, blocks/ bricks/LEGO...he is just so uninterested.

    Why am I fuss about this? I want him to get into the "good" local kindergartens, and the puzzle/ blocks assessments seems to be one inescapable

    It's not that he can't sit still at all, but he can't even do 4-pieces simple puzzle and never want to build something with his blocks/bricks..

    He is imaginative and creative as I can sometimes observe.. he even "create" his own songs..haha

    Please kindly share your advice... or are there any playgroup helping that?
    Thanks in advance :)

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    Invite a friend around. He may feel more motivated if he sees another child his age building and playing with blocks, puzzles etc. This may then lead to more confident, individual construction play when he is alone.

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    Magic Muffins Playgroup at Old Peak Road HK Island run by 'Miss Ruchika' is fantastic for exactly this -they get the children really excited about doing puzzles etc. I think they take children until they turn 3 so why not give it a try for a few months?

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    I find playmates incredibly helpful, especially if there's someone nearby cheering the child on. If a child has the opportunity to be a leader as well as follow other leaders, they have much bigger incentive.

    My child has been going to Bambini Republic twice a week, so far i'm quite happy with it. It has really nice playground for freeplay and curriculum is very comprehensive too. Of course it's important for kids to learn how to build blocks and put together puzzles, but it's even more important HOW they learn those things. The worst thing is for a child to grow up feeling scared to make mistakes.

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