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10 week old baby doesn't nap during the day

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    10 week old baby doesn't nap during the day

    She usually goes to sleep for the night around 9pm and then wakes up for feeds 2 to 3 times during the night ( it's as if she's not really awake though, just feeds half asleep and goes back to sleep).

    She wakes up for the day around 10-11am and then doesn't nap much during the day. At most she has maybe two 20 minute naps. Sometimes during long feeds it seems that she is sleeping/suckling but when she's done if I move her she's awake again.

    She seems to be gaining weight, and is a happy baby and I'm afraid she's not getting enough sleep during the day.

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    Hi Macau Mum,

    If your baby is happy I wouldn't worry too much. My little one didn't nap much when he was a newborn and I found it exhausting because it meant I didn't get a rest! But most babies will sleep as much as they need to. If you're really worried about it try putting her down for regular naps throughout the day, and see if you can keep her awake during feeds, it might help. My son fed every three hours and I would keep him awake after a feed then try and put him down about an hour before the next feed. Sometimes he slept for an hour, other times he slept for 20 minutes or not at all, but eventually he got into a good routine and now at 10 months he sleeps really well during the day. Good luck!

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