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hospital/doc advice

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    Smile hospital/doc advice

    Hi, arrived in hong kong a couple of months ago and was wondering if anyone has any advice re gynaecologists in sanitorium.. I have not registered anywhere as just found out i am pregnant and the sanitorium is the nearest hospital.. Is it very expenisive there and is it private only? any information would be great and if you could recomend any gynaecologist/hospital it would be great..

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    the sanatorium is private only and quite expensive. the normal practice in HK is for your OBGYN to book the hospital room for you. doctors normally practice at a few hospitals so that you will have a choice of doctors / hospitals. what it normally comes down to is if your priority is to follow a certain doctor (and perhaps not get the choice of hospital) or if your priority is the hospital (and perhaps not get the choice of doctor)...if however you book early you enough you can be lucky and get both of your choices! I delivered at the Sanatorium and my doctor was Dr Lam Yung Hang - whom I would highly recommend. I know Dr Marco Wan also delivers there, but I have heard he is very pro c-section - he is in fact Dr Lam's partner and they both run a very good diagnostic centre...they have the best scans in town. I'm unsure of other doctors that deliver at the sanatorium...perhaps others on this forum will be able to help.

    here are some recommendations for OBGYNS in general;

    Dr Sally Ferguson at OT & P

    Dr Lucy Lord / Dr Grace Cheung / Dr Angela Lau at Central Health

    Dr Lam Yung Hang / Dr Marco Wan

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