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Private Gender Scan?

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    Question Private Gender Scan?

    Hi All, I am 16 weeks pregnant today, had a scan at 12 weeks, next one booked for just after 20 weeks... seems ages away & i really don't want to wait that long! after having a mc last year i am worrying so much!
    I would also really like to know the sex of my baby. All of my care so far has been through tsan yuk & queen mary, I plan on delivering at queen mary.
    I was wondering if there is anywhere in HK that does gender scans? there are loads of scanning units in the UK but can't seem to find one anywhere here.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks xxx

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    You usually see an OB for scan instead of going to a scanning clinic. All OB has ultrasound at their office.
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    I went to see Dr. Macor Wan for a private scan (I'm delivering through the public system) because I wanted a second opinion on something. Anyway, I just had a scan where he checked various measurements, lasted about 20 minutes. Cost $1800 but got appointment the day after I called for one. Also got photos and a DVD which you don't get through the public system. I was happy. If you want his details let me know.

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    I got one at 17-18 weeks bc I also could not wait till my next big one to maybe find out. I paid about $700 for a few inure regular scan, just to see my little girl's bits:)
    All private OBs have an ultrasound machine at their office- it's how they make money;)

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    Hi Applechip,
    We also couldn't wait to find out the sex of our second baby, and luckily when we went for our 12 weeks Oscar test and the OB asked if we would like to know, we said 'definitely' and he was able to tell us - although he did say he's only about 70-80% sure! So if you are really desparate to know, you can get a private scan as others have mentioned above and ask if they can possibly identify sex of your baby. I paid $1,400 for the scan, bloodtest, DVD, photos and the results of the Oscar test! I thought that was pretty good!!

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