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cows milk versus formula

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    cows milk versus formula


    There are a lot of formulas out there for 12 months +. What do you ladies use? Cows milk or those formulas and what is the difference?

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    Heard that formula is much cheaper... and I guess formula has lot of vitamins and minerals in it, which may be good if your baby diet is not very balanced???

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    I am sure if you search through this forum and you will see some people are pro cow's milk and some against it, the same applies to formula. If I could decide what my son (16 months old) loves to drink I would have given him formula as I think formula are added with more vitamins and minerals which are good for a baby/toddler's development. However, some people may say formula is added with too much sugar and chemicals, not 'natural' so they go for cow's milk. However, some people will say cow's milk contain too much 'hormone' or is not as nutritious as formula. Therefore, it's all in your head and for you to decide.

    Since my son turned one, he rejected formula completely. To me, formula tastes so yucky that I can turn my stomach upside down just by having a sip so I don't blame him for not wanting it anymore. I love cow's milk (full-fat). They are so yummy! And my son loves cow's milk more and more since I've introduced it to you about two months ago. As long as he is happy to cow's milk I don't bother much about formula. But, then again, I will stress more on the nutritions intake in his 3 solid meals because at the back of my mind II still think cow's milk lacks something the formula contains.

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    at 1 years I switched to cows milk completely (well, did it gradually to see if she had any allergic reactions)....I give her different brands of milk - Dairy Farm, Pura, Organic, Kowloon Dairy - you name it, she's had it's all about the hormones, you never know which is "better" so I don't stick with anyone. As for the lacking nutrients I make it up by giving her a variety of veggies/ meats / fruits during her 3 meals...I don't like the idea of formula purely because of its inconvenience - cow's milk I can get wherever and whenever I want without having to carry it around all day

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    Switched at 1 year to Organic milk. Organic milk from a reputable source (FDA approved or similar) should be just that - milk with no additives, made from cows reared on organic feed and kept in good conditions - no bovine growth hormone or antibiotics.

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