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Confused by my pediatricians advice - formula till child is 2 years old?

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    shuchisingh is offline Registered User
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    hey... i am by no means anti-formula. i would happily have given my baby formula at six months but he refused - and a number of brands and types. at the end of the day it's a very personal choice.

    all i am saying is that some docs here are almost obsessively pro-formula. and if the ONLY thing that is keeping you from giving your baby cow's milk is your doctor's advice; then a second opinion would help put your mind at ease.

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    e-Maternity is offline Registered User
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    I agree with FutureHKmom. I think this is a personal preference thing and it also depends on whether your child is a fussy eater; thus, each doctor's recommendation to each child may differ. As for me, my older son (2.5yo) is a fussy eater. So, to get the best of both worlds, I've been feeding him both formula and organic fresh milk since he was 1 yo. One feed of formula in the morning (since he doesn't eat much breakfast before school), and 1+ feed of fresh milk during the day /before sleep.

    Most ppl I know who are from US/Canada prefer to go on full cow's milk after 1 yo. However, I'm not sure whether this has something to do with the fact that the diary industry has brainwashed ppl there to think that milk is the best thing for you. After reading Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven and many other articles on this topic, I have a hard time believing cow's milk is really as good as they say..

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    jvn is offline Registered User
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    Unless there's any specific medical reason I agree it's a personal choice, there are pros and cons to both formula and cow's milk after 1 year old which the other posters have covered, ultimately you won't do any harm either way.

    I agree with you about the follow on milk though baffely, dreadful stuff - if I wanted to give my baby a vanilla milkshake twice a day I'd take him to Starbucks!

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    yonge is offline Registered User
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    Transitioned both my boys from breastmilk to cow's milk with no allergy issues. I find it easier to carry UHT packs of cow's milk than to mix formula, so I never went that route. Also, formula tends to be sweeter than cow's milk, so I know plenty of friends that have difficulty moving their children from formula to cow's milk later - even at 4 or 5 years old! If you do have a picky eater, you can always give them a supplement that won't get confused with milk, such as Pediasure or a vitamin. My paediatrician actually tells me to dilute the Pediasure to half the recommended the strength, since children don't need all their vitamins in one serving anyway!

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