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spilling out water/meds...

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    spilling out water/meds...

    my bub who is running on 15 months old has learnt a trick to spill out liquid meds when fed. my hubby pinched his nose so he can gulp them in but i find it discomforting when hubby does that. i know he's just faking those crocodile tears but any method to make it less painful (for me) to make him take his liquid meds?

    also, he has learnt how to sip through a straw (hallelujah!) BUT he spills it out when he smiles at his new effort. he loves drinking water but guess he hasn't figured out how to gulp it in once sipping it through.

    i told my helper to let him spill it out because he will eventually learn HOW to drink properly but my helper was moaning about the mess and how many times she has to change his tees. she still feeds him with a spoon so he hasn't learnt how to feed himself yet. i let him play with the spoon and food when she has her day off but me doing that in the weekend loses the battle with her feeding him 5 days a week. same with the walking - he also hasn't walked (unsupported) yet because she carries him when out and about and when not in the stroller. i really would love to be a SAHM but can't afford to quit the job....*sigh*

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    A friend suggested putting the syringe in the cheek so it's hard to spit out. Seems to work for my kid. And medicine are sweet so he sometimes even ask for more.
    My son didn't like to drink water at first. But eventually he drinks when he's thirsty. You just have to be firm with your helper. Maybe suggest no shirt when eating drinking ad it is still warm enough. Or change shirt but no need to wash it if it's just water, just hang dry and wear again.
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    I'd be more insistent with the helper - because otherwise you'll have to feed him for a lot longer! Better for him to learn now. Maybe you can get better bibs in the mean time? Or one thing that I do is to feed her breakfast when she's still in her PJs because they're going in the wash anyway so it doesn't matter if they get wet/dirty... And sometimes if it's something really messy, I let her eat/drink wearing just her diaper. Easier to clean up that way ;)

    About the medicine, I know it's a hard one - you can only do the best that you can do!! That's one reason why I only give medicine if absolutely necessary. And often I will mix them in with juice or water (ask your doc first because you can't do that for EVERY medicine. But it's ok for panadol and most of the cold/flu medicines that we've used. Not ok for antibiotics though.)

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    I use bibs that has pockets to collect the spills. They really are a great help.

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    I do the same as T.S. Or we have a supply of plastic bibs that are easy to wipe clean. Our helper's also a bit reluctant to let our son make a mess feeding himself so I'm working on getting him to eat finger foods that are less messy.

    Medicine is a tough one, especially if you have to do it a few times a day. When we can, we make it a team effort and one of us cuddles our son and keeps him still while the other squirts the medicine into his mouth. We try and make it a game and distract him.

    Hope that might help.

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    Seeing as you are paying your helper, should she not be caring for your son in the way that you want? I would think it secondary how she feels about messes, and changing tees, and his walking. Maybe you should sit and have a talk with her to make it clear how you need things done.
    For straws, your son will drink it down when he wants it. Now it sounds like he is just plea see with the novelty of sucking something through at all.

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    the plastic bib (tommiee tippee) that I use can easily be bought at any welcome - it's not the most beautiful, but highly efficient. it catches EVERYTHING from food to liquids which will limit the area in which the mess is made (which is not really a problem) and encourage your baby to self feed because the focus is on feeding rather than cleaning up the mess. my daughter even scoops up the left over from inside the bib now! She doesn't want to waste anything! :)

    as for medicine, it's challenging, normally I have my hubby hold my 4mth old down and I use a syringe to squeeze the medicine down the side of her mouth and use my hands to push the medicine back in when she spits it out. i've tried mixing her medicine with her milk (check it you can though) and she drinks it without any problem.

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