Thanks for the tips Quasimother and all others who offered information to me. I think that if I did have to start over and pick a doctor I would have gone with Patrick Chan as he seems to be the best person for my needs and situations and I may have ended up at Matilda.

I think just the fact that husbands are allowed to accompany you start to finish at the private hospitals is a huge thing for me. I may also invite another person to be there for support. In the past it would have been my mom but this time around I don't think she can make it for the birth. As long as I am not separated from my husband I'm confident that all will work out. My husband is a local Chinese guy who speaks great Cantonese as well as English and he knows how to get stuff done in the HK system of doing things. I'll have to find out the details of Adventist as I go along, I guess.

What specifically did you have problems with them with about not honoring your needs and wishes for post-natal care? Were they good with your baby or was it more a thing with your own care?

For that matter, everyone is welcome to share their experiences with me regarding this hospital. I'm especially interested in hearing about attitudes and atmosphere as I assume medical equipment and expertise overall should be at least on par with the public system in HK. Oh, and please, no super horrific stories--just practical stuff that will help me cope with the hospital. Thanks all!